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Tottenham chief Daniel Levy open to selling stake at the club

Tottenham chief Daniel Levy open to selling stake at the club

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has opened up on the possibility of selling a stake in the club.

The North Londoners run a complex ownership structure where 87% is owned by ENIC Sport, a Bahamas-registered subsidiary which acquired the controlling stake in Tottenham from Lord Alan Sugar in 2001.

Levy, who has been the face of the club over the years, owns a 29.9% stake in ENIC Sport, with the remaining 70% of those shares belonging to members of the Lewis Family Trust.

However, Tottenham can only boast a solitary League Cup trophy under ENIC Sport’s two-decade long regime, leading to widespread criticism and unrest from the supporters.

Despite facing significant criticism from the supporters, Levy remains committed to his role as chairman at the club and has no intention of stepping down.

Nonetheless, the 61-year-old has claimed he would do what is ‘right’ for Spurs, refusing to rule out the possibility of further investment into the Premier League club.

“I’ve got no real interest to leave Tottenham, but I have a duty to consider anything that anyone may want to propose. It’s not about me, it’s about what’s right for the club,” Levy said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“We run this club as if it’s a public company. If anyone wants to make a serious proposition to the board of Tottenham, we would consider it, along with our advisers, and if we felt it was in the interests of the club we would be open to anything.

“If we get the right naming rights partner — and when I say that, I mean somebody who pays the right money in the right sector — then we are willing to consider doing it. 

“But we’re not as tied to doing it now as perhaps we would’ve been when we first looked at building the stadium. We’re not a club that can buy success. That’s the reality and we have to understand that.”

During a fan forum on Tuesday, the chairman discussed the possibility of Harry Kane’s return. But that assertion has subsequently been diminished, with the striker unlikely to return while Levy is in charge.

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