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Everton takeover: The Esk reacts after 777 Partners extends loan deal

The Esk has once again questioned the credibility of the 777 Partners after they reached an agreement to extend the loan deal with MSP amid fears that Everton could go down to administration. 

The 777 Partners were supposed to pay an amount of £160m in loan to Farhar Moshiri and MSP Sports Capital regarding the Toffees takeover. But they couldn’t come up with the money and have asked for more time.

Alan Myers wrote on X that the 777 remains confident of passing the Premier League’s Ownership test. While the exact terms of the deals are unknown, a deal has been agreed upon in principle, which will see the 777 settling loans of MSP in around two weeks’ time.

The Esk, the financial expert on all things from Goodison Park, has been left baffled by the decision to extend the deal. He says that the US investment firm had seven months to come up with funds, and they couldn’t, so it’s a ‘going concern’ how they could be considered a reliable candidate to own the club.

He wrote on X: “It’s clear in asking for more time we are just limping to the season end. 777 have had 7 months to come up with the cash & can’t. How we can still be considered a going concern I genuinely don’t know. No idea how the directors sign that off.”

Everton are in mess on and off the pitch

The off-the-pitch issues are hampering the senior team. Everton have been docked eight points already, and as a result, they find themselves struggling near the relegation zone.

Jamie Carragher has rightly pointed out that the club must sort out the ownership issues at the earliest. Moshiri has no interest in the club, and someone must come in and take charge.

The Premier League need to check whether the 777 have the funds to take the club forward, and at the moment, they are not satisfied with the documents that have been provided.

However, by extending the deal, the 777 now gets more time to collect funds to complete the takeover. But the question remains valid – are they the right candidates to take the club forward?

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