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BBC Journalist shares Everton 777 takeover update after Richard Masters speaks out

Everton have done incredibly well to avoid relegation this season but their takeover issues are yet to be resolved. 

It’s been nearly nine months since Farhad Moshiri handed over his majority of shares to the 777 Partners group but they are yet to get official confirmation from the Premier League.

With legal problems mounting up, they are not close to fulfilling the targets the Premier League have asked of them. In between they have pumped in around £210m at the Everton as per the agreement with Moshiri.

Richard Masters, the Premier League chief executive, has made it clear today that they are not responsible for “who the current owner wants to sell his club to”.

BBC Journalist Guilia Bould suggested on X that the Premier League previously told her that they could reject 777 Partners. In a separate tweet she wrote that the Premier League do have a reject option but it is “hard to use”.

“Interesting comment from Richard Masters as when I asked the Premier League for the potential outcomes of the Owners and Directors Test I was told they CAN reject Everton,” wrote Bould.

She added: “Clarity, I’m aware the reject process has specific reasoning. The point is 1) there IS a reject option. 2) the criteria to reject is so specific it is hard to use & means Everton remain in limbo where 777 can’t be accepted or rejected & the OADT has no timeout either so doesn’t end.” 

777 Partner Everton takeover deal on the brink

According to a recent report from The Times, the takeover could fail as Farhad Moshiri looking to terminate the deal.

Masters suggested that Moshiri still wants to sell the club to the 777 Partners, but they have to clear the Premier League’s Owners and Directors Test.

According to journalist Dave Powell, 777 Partners’ bid to acquire the Toffees is all but dead. In the past fortnight, they saw the collapse of its budget airline Bonza into voluntary administration.

Leadenhall Capital brought a civil suit against them, alleging fraudulent practice, while reports surfaced that Standard Liege staff and players were getting unpaid.

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