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Will Lewandowski Retire from International Football After Euro 2024?

With the Euro 2024 hitting everyone with much excitement about their favourite entering the field again in the international scene, some players have announced their farewell from international football after this major tournament. One such player who has hinted about his retirement is Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski. With the player concerned over his physical shape and frustration over his team’s recent struggles, there have been speculations about the Polish striker’s retirement from international football. The big question is: Will Lewandowski retire from international football after Euro 2024?


Robert Lewandowski: A Legendary Career

Robert Lewandowski’s football journey began in 2005. Over the years, he has become one of the most celebrated strikers in football history. With more than 600 goals in his professional career, Lewandowski’s name is synonymous with goal-scoring excellence. He has played for top clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and currently FC Barcelona, breaking numerous records and winning multiple titles.


International Success and Struggles

Lewandowski’s international career debuted for Poland in 2008, and he quickly became the team’s backbone. He has led Poland to several major tournaments, including three UEFA European Championships and three FIFA World Cups. Despite his outstanding performances, Poland has struggled in these tournaments, often failing to advance past the group stages. Lewandowski’s international career has been marked by personal success but overall disappointment.


Hints of Retirement

Following Poland’s disappointing exit from the 2022 World Cup, Lewandowski hinted at the possibility of retiring from international football. He expressed his frustration with the team’s performance and mentioned that his decision would depend on his physical condition. At 35 years old, the demands of international and club football are becoming increasingly strenuous, prompting him to consider stepping back from the international scene at least for a while. This gave numerous speculations regarding Poland’s playstyle on football odds EURO 2024.


“Physically I’m not afraid of this but we have so many different things outside of football, whether your happiness is still there and what’s going on around so it’s tough to say now,” said the Barcelona striker.


Euro 2024: A Final Hurrah?

Lewandowski has indicated that Euro 2024 could be his last international tournament. As he prepares to lead Poland once again, there is widespread speculation about his future. A strong performance in Euro 2024 could be a fitting conclusion to his international career. If he decides to retire, it would mark the end of an era for Polish football.


Demands of the Club

It is also important for Lewandowski to balance his commitments with FC Barcelona and the Polish national team. His physical shape as well as his life outside of football has been catching up to him, leaving him very little time to commit to both his club and country. The Polish striker has another year on his contract and intends to extend it if he plays at least 50% of the games for the next campaign. But even for Barcelona, he intends to end his playing days if things don’t go well.



If Lewandowski retires after Euro 2024, he will leave behind an incredible legacy. He is already Poland’s all-time leading goal scorer and has set a standard of excellence for future generations. A strong showing in Euro 2024 would solidify his status as one of the greatest players in football history. His contributions to both club and country will be remembered long after he hangs up his boots.


To Wrap It Up

Robert Lewandowski faces a crucial decision about his international career after Euro 2024. While his physical condition and commitments to FC Barcelona will play a role, the excitement of leading Poland to another major tournament could inspire him to continue. His influence on Polish football has been profound, and whether he stays or retires, fans can look forward to celebrating his legacy. Euro 2024 offers a golden opportunity for Lewandowski to add another memorable chapter to his storied career, and the world will be watching closely.



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